Brand Protection

Welcome to KBLS

At KBLS, we’re steadfast in our commitment to preserving the eminent quality and integrity of our offerings for our customers and clients. The KBLS Trademark and Brand Elegance Preservation Guidelines embody our dedication to nurturing the exquisite authenticity and revered reputation of our products and services.


KBLS_Brand_Protection_Policy Our Pledge

Recognizing the paramount importance of our intellectual property, including trademarks, patents, design rights, and copyrights, KBLS’s Intellectual Property and Brand Elegance Division is devoted to protecting these precious assets worldwide. This commitment ensures the preservation of our brand’s elegance and integrity across all realms.


KBLS_Brand_Protection_Policy Elegance Preservation Strategy

Proactive Engagement:

- Intellectual Property Stewardship: With vigilance and foresight, we meticulously register and oversee our intellectual property assets, celebrating the unique names, innovative designs, and creative brilliance that define our collections.

- Diligent Surveillance: Our team conducts continuous, thorough monitoring of various domains and the digital landscape to gracefully preempt potential infringements.

Reactive Diplomacy:

- Strategic Alliances: Our battle against imitation is waged not with force, but through the cultivation of alliances with specialists, investigative entities, customs, and law enforcement bodies.

- Elegant Resolutions: With discretion and resolve, we address the confiscation of imitations, cessation of unauthorized operations, initiation of legal dialogues, and the removal of counterfeit online presences with sophistication and tact.


KBLS_Brand_Protection_Policy Integrity of our Heritage 

To our valued patrons, we ensure the sanctity of the KBLS lineage through rigorous verification of our distribution channels. The KBLS collection, synonymous with excellence, is safeguarded by a network of exclusive licensees who adhere to our exacting standards of quality. Any deviation from these standards, including unusual product placements or pricing, could suggest non-authorized channels, meriting our intervention.


KBLS_Brand_Protection_Policy Invitation for Patron Collaboration 

KBLS cherishes the discerning eye of our patrons and invites your participation in preserving the integrity of our brand. Should you encounter any occurrences that may compromise the distinction or authenticity of the KBLS brand, we warmly encourage you to share this with us. Your engagement is invaluable to our collective custodianship of the brand’s elegance.


KBLS_Brand_Protection_Policy Connecting with Us

For inquiries or to relay observations of suspicious activities, please confer with our Intellectual Property and Brand Elegance Division via